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 GM Bus Parts   


For all your GM Bus Parts needs, think of us!  We have a good selection of parts for 4106, 4107 and 4905 models.  We have the parts if your needs are engine parts or cores. We have complete non-running 8V71 engines, and will sell any or all parts for cores, or for good used components.  We also have some rebuilt parts, such as starters and alternators. Also, some glass for 4905, 4903, 4108, and 4107 models.  We have cargo doors for 4107, 4108, 4903, and 4905 models.  Send me an  e-mail with your needs. 


We have a complete 4108 at present, so we have anything you might need for a 4108 or 4107.  If you are interested, the complete 4108 is for sale as a has an automatic transmission and the windows have been blanked out with several RV windows in place....caps on both the front and back, and the conversion has been started, but nowhere near finished.  It has a 10KW diesel generator, and one rooftop Penguin air conditioner.  You can have the complete unit for $6000.




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